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One of the most common usage of VPNs is for streaming. This is because some streaming services may not be accessible in certain countries, leading to unequal distribution of content based on geographical location, which can be perceived as unfair from the user’s point of view.

The good news is that a streaming VPN can fix even these issues. A VPN service masks your real location by altering your IP address, tricking the streaming page. So, from anywhere in the globe, you may access geo-restricted content.

The effort by Netflix and other websites to block VPN traffic has made it increasingly difficult to use low-quality VPNs to bypass geographical restrictions. This is due to their ongoing efforts to track down the IP addresses of VPN servers.

We’ve evaluated at least a dozen well-known providers if you’re looking for a VPN that genuinely unblocks a certain streaming service. Here is a list of reliable VPN services:

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