Ellie’s Journey Comes Full Circle in The Last of Us Season Finale


The highly anticipated season finale of The Last of Us has finally aired, and fans of the hit post-apocalyptic video game were left stunned by the series’ conclusion.

The finale, titled “The Beginning,” picks up where the previous episode left off, with Ellie and Abby facing off against the leader of the Fireflies, Marlene. Marlene reveals that she plans to sacrifice Ellie in order to create a vaccine for the fungal infection that has devastated humanity. Ellie is torn between her desire to save humanity and her love for Joel, who saved her from the Fireflies in the first game.

Ellie tells Abby in an emotional sequence that she can’t do it, but Abby persuades her to leave the Fireflies and flee with her. They are ambushed by a squad of troops as they leave the Fireflies’ headquarters, though.

Abby suffers a fatal injury in the ensuing conflict, and Ellie is taken prisoner. Ellie is taken to a local hospital by the troops, where she is brutally operated on in an effort to get the vaccine. Ellie succeeds in getting away, killing her captors in the process.

Ellie is shown traveling through a barren wasteland in the series’ concluding scenes, plagued by recollections of all she has lost. She eventually finds Joel’s guitar inside a remote cottage. She performs “Future Days,” the song that Joel taught her to play, as she sits down in an emotional moment.

Ellie is seen alone in the cabin, surrounded by the wreckage of society, in the final scene of the series. It is unknown if she will ever be able to get beyond the horrible experiences she has had.

The Last of Us’ season finale was an intense and moving end to a series that has won over gamers all around the world. The enigmatic finale offers lots of opportunity for interpretation and discussion, which may disappoint those fans who were hoping for a more definitive conclusion.

In Depth Analysis of The Last of Us Finale

Ellie and Abby arrive at the Fireflies’ headquarters in the first scene of the episode and confront Marlene there. Ellie’s resistance to the fungus makes her the ideal candidate to develop a vaccine that could prevent the extinction of humanity, according to Marlene. Ellie decides to have surgery despite her doubts in the hopes that her suffering will be worthwhile.

Ellie, however, changes her mind while she is getting ready for the operation. She thinks back to her last exchange with Joel, in which he vowed to protect her at all costs, including the sacrifice of the rest of humanity. Ellie informs Abby that she wants to go after realizing she can’t proceed with the procedure.

Ellie accepts Abby’s offer of assistance, and the two leave the building together. But a squad of soldiers ambushes them as they head out. Abby is shot during the conflict that follows, leaving her dead. Ellie is apprehended and brought to a neighborhood hospital.

Ellie is forced to undergo surgery at the hospital in an effort to remove the vaccine. The medical professionals are callous and care nothing about Ellie’s life or wellbeing. Ellie sees Joel in a vision as they start the procedure, telling her that she is loved and that she is not have to do this. Ellie repents of her error and strikes back, murdering her captors and getting out of the hospital.

Ellie is troubled by recollections of what she has lost as she traverses the wilderness. She has forfeited her opportunity to redeem humanity and has also lost Abby, for whom she had grown to care profoundly. Joel, who was like a father to her, is also no longer with her. Ellie fears that she will never be able to move on since she is so overcome with shame and grief.

Ellie finally makes it to a remote cottage in the woods. Joel had given her his guitar as a gift, which she discovers within. Joel had taught Ellie the song “Future Days,” so she sits down and starts playing it. Tears fall down her face as she plays.

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