How to Watch Call the Midwife – Season 12

how to watch call the midwife season 12

If you want to watch Call the Midwife – Season 12 from the comfort of your home, then you can watch it on PBS. However you can only stream PBS in the United States of America and if you want to watch it outside of the US, you need the subscription of ExpressVPN.

Quick Steps on How to Watch Call the Midwife- Season 12

If you are looking to watch it in your country, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Choose a VPN service: We recommend using ExpressVPN
  • Sign up for the Express VPN service and download the VPN client to your device.
  • Open the VPN software and log in to your account.
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Plot Summary: Call the Midwife – Season 12 

Call the Midwife” is a British period drama television series produced by the BBC and aired on PBS in the United States. The series is set in the late 1950s and early 1960s and follows the lives of midwives, nurses, and nuns who work in a nursing convent in the East End of London.

Season 1

Newly certified midwife Jenny Lee is introduced to viewers in the first season of “Call the Midwife” when she arrives to Nonnatus House to start her career. The difficulties that midwives have while caring for expectant mothers and giving birth in Poplar’s impoverished districts are shown in the season. The midwives struggle with problems including abortion, alcoholism, and the stigma associated with mental illness during the course of the season.

Season 2

As they continue to deliver infants and treat Poplar residents, the midwives encounter additional difficulties in the second season. The season centers on topics including adoption, prostitution, and the polio pandemic. The midwives also deal with their own personal challenges, such as romantic relationships and familial issues.

Season 3

The midwives encounter additional social and medical difficulties in the third season. The season delves into issues including thalidomide, legalized abortion, and shifting perspectives on mental illness. The midwives also cope with problems in their private lives, such as unplanned pregnancies and the appearance of new romantic interests.

Season 4

As they labor to treat the residents of Poplar, the midwives’ lives are still followed in the fourth season. The season examines problems including leprosy, handicaps, and difficulties experienced by single moms. The midwives also deal with their own individual struggles, such as damaged relationships and changing careers.

Season 5

The midwives experience new medical difficulties and psychological hardships in the fifth season. The season focuses on topics such female genital mutilation, the contraceptive pill, and how poverty affects health. The midwives must also deal with changes in their personal lives, such as one of their own leaving and new midwives joining Nonnatus House.

Season 6

The midwives continue to treat the residents of Poplar while dealing with fresh difficulties in the sixth season. The season examines issues including homosexuality, illegal abortion, and the shifting roles of women in society. The difficulties of aging and dealing with family problems are issues that the midwives also face personally.

Season 7

The midwives’ lives are still being followed in the seventh season as they deal with fresh social and medical issues. The season focuses on topics including TB, how socioeconomic class affects health, and the introduction of injectable contraception. The midwives also struggle with interpersonal troubles and the idea of leaving Nonnatus House on a personal level.

Season 8

As Poplar residents deal with fresh social and physical issues in the eighth season, the midwives continue to treat them. The season looks at issues like the effects of the AIDS pandemic, the emergence of feminism, and shifting perceptions of mental health. The midwives also grapple with issues from their own personal lives, such as tensions among their families and the potential of new beginnings.

In general, “Call the Midwife” is a friendly and touching television series that examines the lives of women who work in a demanding field amid a time of significant societal upheaval.

Cast, Acting and Character Development

“Call the Midwife” features an outstanding ensemble cast, with Jenny Lee as the protagonist and narrator. Jessica Raine portrays her as a sympathetic guide to the midwifery profession and Poplar residents’ struggles. The show’s popularity is largely due to its tenacity and gifted performers.

The show features midwives Trixie Franklin (Helen George), Barbara Hereward (Charlotte Ritchie), Lucille Anderson (Leonie Elliott), Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter), Sister Evangelina (Pam Ferris), and Dr. Turner (Stephen McGann). Outstanding performances by Helen George and Charlotte Ritchie add complexity and dimension to the characters.

Character development is one of “Call the Midwife”‘s assets. The characters in the story undergo growth and development as they take on new obstacles and deal with their own issues. The program does a great job of blending the people’ individual tales with the social and medical challenges of the day.

The cast, performance, and character development in “Call the Midwife” are all of the finest quality, which helps to explain the show’s enduring success and widespread praise from critics.

Production and Cinematography

“Call the Midwife” is a meticulously crafted series that masterfully recreates post-World War II London’s atmosphere, focusing on historical authenticity and accuracy in everything from outfits and furnishings to medical equipment and street scenes.

The show’s cinematography utilizes various camera angles and methods to convey emotional impact. Wide shots and aerial views provide a sense of the characters’ environment, while close-ups and medium shots allow audience to relate. Natural light and color are defining characteristics, creating warm and colorful outdoor sequences. The vibrant palette reflects optimism and hope.

Overall, “Call the Midwife”‘s production and cinematography are excellent, helping to envelop viewers in the world of the show’s characters and transfer them to a different time and place.

Call the Midwife – Season 12 Release Date

19 March, 2023

Call the Midwife – Season 12 Trailer


Call the Midwife, released in 2012, has received positive reviews from audiences and critics. The show emphasizes midwifery and social challenges, receiving an average viewer score of 8.4 out of 10 and a critical score of 8.2 out of 10. Critics praise the show’s performances, script, production quality, and balance between drama and humor.

The show has received plaudits for being “one of the best dramas on television,” according to The Telegraph and The Guardian, respectively. It has also received glowing reviews from The New York Times, which referred to it as “one of the most quietly radical and moving shows on television.”

With its compelling writing, compelling characters, and top-notch production qualities, “Call the Midwife” has generally been a critical and economic success.

How to Watch Call the Midwife – Season 12 in the US

Luckily if you are in the United States of America then you can catch the show on PBS. You can watch it directly without any external help.

How to Watch Call the Midwife – Season 12 In the UK

PBS is only available in the US so you need the subscription of ExpressVPN to catch the show.

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Stream

How to Watch Call the Midwife- Season 12 in Canada

PBS is only available in the US and if you want to watch Call the Midwife – Season 12 in Canada then you need the subscription of ExpressVPN.

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Stream

How to Watch Call the midwife season 12 In Australia

To watch the show in Australia you need a subscription to ExpressVPN.

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  • Install it on your device.
  • Stream

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            Call the Midwife, a critically acclaimed British drama series, follows the lives of midwives in London’s East End during the 1950s and 1960s. Based on Jennifer Worth’s memoirs, the show addresses societal themes and features sympathetic treatment of tough subjects. The ensemble cast’s performances and character growth have earned praise worldwide.


            Is “Call the Midwife” based on a true story?

            Call the Midwife is a play based on Jennifer Worth’s memoirs, showcasing her experiences in London’s East End.

            Where can I watch “Call the Midwife”?

            “Call the Midwife” is produced by the BBC and may be seen on BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom. It’s also available to watch on Netflix, PBS, and Amazon Prime Video.

            Who stars in “Call the Midwife”?

            The ensemble cast of “Call the Midwife” has varied over the course of the series. Jessica Raine, Helen George, Charlotte Ritchie, Leonie Elliott, Jenny Agutter, and Stephen McGann are among the main performers that have appeared in the episode.

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